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69 plantiffs have filed a lawsuit against DeWitt County and Tradewind Energy over the recent approval of the special use permit for the Alta Farms II windfarm in the northwest corner of DeWitt County.


Olivia Klemm tells Regional Radio News they believe the DeWitt County regulations for a wind farm were not met. They have a number of issues with the application.



Klemm believes several members of the County Board did not do their due-diligence in hearing the arguments of those opposed to the wind farm during the Regional Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals hearings.



The County Board held a special meeting in August for the vote on the special use permit of the Alta Farms II wind farm. The meeting was supercharged with emotion and Klemm says the decision meant a lot to her because of the investment of time for her and the feelings of the community as a whole on the matter.



Klemm does not have a timeline for when the matter might be taken up by a judge but she is hopeful it will be taken up soon so they can get a resolution. She feels they have a very strong case. 


As of Tuesday afternoon, DeWitt County State's Attorney Dan Markwell said quote - "I have not been served with any type of notice that anyone has filed suit against the County.  Nor have I been contacted by any county board member at this point stating that any board member has been served.  Therefore, I have no knowledge with which to make a comment on this topic."


In a statement to Regional Radio News, Tradewind officials say, quote - "Since the project was proposed nearly 10 years ago, Alta Farms II has enjoyed the strong support of many local residents who have repeatedly stood up for new jobs and economic growth in DeWitt County. While we cannot comment on pending litigation, we look forward to building a first-rate wind farm that will benefit the entire community.”

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