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Thursday, October 15 is the first day of the annual open enrollment period for Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage.


If you're a senior in DeWitt County hoping to meet with Diane Cusey through Community Care Systems, the process will be a little different this year. Cusey indicates now is the time to get in and get enrolled or make any alterations to your coverage.



Enrolling in Medicare Part D can save seniors a lot of money on their prescription drugs. According to Cusey, it is worth at least checking on your plan to make sure there are no increases, costing seniors more money.



There are income eligibility guidelines for the program. Cusey explains there is so much change on a year-to-year basis that all seniors need to get in and know what has changed and how it impacts them.



Cusey outlines what seniors will need when they make an appointment with her....



With the Friendship Center shutdown until November 1. You can still get in contact with Cusey at their Friendship Center office for more details about how meetings with her will be conducted. Her number in Clinton is 217-935-4560. 


Cusey will also be making stops around DeWitt County during the open enrollment period. You can catch her at Farmer City during her normal hours and in Kenney at 8:30 am on Wednesday, October 28, and then Wednesday, November 25 at 8:30 am.

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