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High school football is on its way to an unprecedented spring season in Illinois.


While states all around Illinois and the country have reversed course in recent weeks, Illinois and Governor JB Pritzker have remained steadfast in keeping the football, volleyball, and soccer seasons shut down. 


Thursday on the WHOW Morning Show, State Sen. Chapin Rose says the supermajority of the Democrat-controlled Illinois legislature doesn't want to get in the Governor's way and so he is very discouraged by the way this situation is being handled.



State Representative Dan Caulkins also on the WHOW Morning Show Thursday went the political route and self-admittedly knows it is not a popular opinion but he says to stop electing Democrats to Springfield.



Sen. Rose says right now we're stuck in a pattern of lawsuits - that are largely getting thrown out - and petitions. He points out Democratic lawmakers are not going to stand up to him by calling the legislator back to Springfield.



Rep. Caulkins is critical of the IHSA that they are walking around like 'whipped puppies' and is imploring parents and school board members that care about this issue to become active.



Winter sports are set to begin November 16 and Gov. Pritzker has been non-committal about the possibilities of winter sports moving forward. 

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