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We are less than two weeks away from the election and the ballot for many central Illinois voters is loaded.


From local races to state seats on the ballot and the much anticipated presidential race, a lot of money is being poured into education on the progressive income tax vote. Illinois State Senator Chapin Rose outlined his view on the Fair Tax, noting it is a valid question, but the refusal to say where the rates are going to be set is a problem.



Both Republicans and Democrats have arguments for and against the Fair Tax. Senator Rose

says that one argument against the Fair Tax is that they cannot balance the budget on only

taxing the top 3%.



Another issue that Senator Rose has when it comes to the Fair Tax is that he says that the

wealthy who would pay the higher rates will leave, but farmers can’t.



Ads about the tax are filtering through almost all media formats, from streaming services like Spotify and YouTubeTV to radio and TV stations, a lot rides on the vote. Gov. Pritzker has tied many entities' funding to the tax, most notably for school districts. 

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