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Despite COVID numbers increasing in Illinois and other parts of the country, central Illinois school leaders are exploring bringing students back to school on a more full-time basis.


Mt. Pulaski school is among those exploring furthering the school day and Superintendent Fred Lamkey says their building leadership team is exploring extending their school day into the afternoon hours. Currently, students are in-person in the morning hours and remotely in the afternoon.



While COVID cases in Illinois and other parts of the country begin to surge, Lamkey says it is a reminder that the mitigation efforts like masking and physical distancing are going to be necessary to make a return to school on a more full-time basis successful.



According to Lamkey, as the cold and flu season ascends upon us, his approach is to take things a day at a time and utilize what they have done in the past for what could be the most challenging part of the school year.



When the district surveyed parents over the summer about how they wanted to proceed with the school year, Lamkey indicates 99-percent said they wanted to be in-person. Around 16 total kids are doing remote learning in their district.



Lamkey credits the community, their teachers and staff, and the students for the work they have done in making the policies in place work and allowing them to stay in school and explore the possibility of expanding their school day. 

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