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Around four parcels of land totaling 150 acres at Clinton Lake has long been targeted for development and when the economy hit a snag in 2008, the possibility of development fell with it.


Thursday night at the DeWitt County Board meeting, Chairperson of the Marina Committee, Jay Wickenhauser approached the board about approving an appraisal of around 75 acres for $1,000.



Lance Reece wondered if getting an appraisal would be worth the money because in a few years it would be outdated. State's Attorney Dan Markwell pointed out marina operator Joe Caldwell would be the first to have the right of refusal when the property could be sold next in two years.



According to Wickenhauser, there has been an offer made to purchase the marina. Reece questioned selling the marina and Wickenhauser noted that was why they were looking at selling they were want to get an appraisal of the acreage adjacent to the marina and perhaps selling that.



Dan Matthews wants to put a plan in place before anything goes up for sale or any appraisals are done. He believes the property is valuable to the marina.



Melonie Tilley points out it was the mid-2000s when the County explored selling the property and spent a considerable amount of money to do so. Matthews believes the County should come up with a long-term plan for the property.



The Board decided to not move forward with the appraisal of the 75 acres. 

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