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The DeWitt County Board in a special virtual meeting Tuesday night approved a handful of agreements related to the Tradewind Energy Alta Farms II wind project in northwest DeWitt County. 


The Board tabled an agreement for a sound study consultant. While perhaps receiving the least amount of discussion, board member Melonie Tilley and Terry Ferguson voiced their support for tabling the issue and sending it back to the County Board's land use committee for further review. 



According to Tilley, none of the agreements take up Tuesday had been reviewed or voted on by the land use committee before being voted on by the full board. Ferguson explains the agreements had already been seen by the zoning officer. He points out Cummins Engineering has done numerous projects in DeWitt County and calls them a reputable company and believes it would be good for them to follow up on the construction of the project. 



With two lawsuits pending against DeWitt County over the wind farm, Nate Ennis wondered if voting on the agreements on Tuesday night would further the liability of the County. State's Attorney Dan Markwell indicated it would not.



As the County awaits building permits to be filed, Dan Matthews questions if a scope of services agreement is falling in sequential order to which State's Attorney Markwell advised it does not hurt to have such an agreement in place ahead of time.



In reviewing the County's insurance agreement, Ennis called the agreement "solid" but wondered about the future of the agreement. Tradewind Energy attorney Jim Griffin indicates there are provisions in the agreement for a review every three years.



The County approved agreements for the contractor scope of services, review of the contractor scope of services agreement, the insurance agreement, and the engineering services agreement for the wind farm plan review.


The County Board sent the sound study consultant agreement back to the land use committee. 

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