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The Miller Park Zoo is continuing its expansion with its recent groundbreaking on their coming debrazza monkey exhibit.


Superintendent Jay Tetzloff says things are already plugging along and anyone that comes out to the zoo during the winter months will be able to monitor the progress of the exhibit as it will be taking place very publicly.



According to Tetzloff, the debrazza monkey is a very unique animal and says their distinct white beard is what makes them so recognizable. He indicates the monkeys will likely have to come in during the winter months but during the highest volume times of the year, the spring-summer and fall, the monkeys should be just fine.



A grant in 2014 was pulled when Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner took over and Tetzloff indicates since that time, the project has kind of been in limbo. He says after funding was restored this year, they were able to finally get the project going and are looking forward to a spring or summer opening next year.



The debrazza monkeys are coming from San Diego, who will be sending the top genetic male in the population, along with a female from Birmingham, while others are coming from Idaho Falls and Los Angeles. 


Tetzloff indicates as construction moves along, they will be posting weekly updates to their Facebook page. You can also learn more about the Miller Park Zoo by visiting millerparkzoo.org.

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