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Warner Hospital CEO Paul Skowron is getting the back of Health Department Director Dave Remmert.


The coronavirus locally is manageable and the public needs to remain vigilant in their efforts of masking and physical distancing. Skowron indicates as the cold and flu season gets closer and closer, his focus is to make sure they have adequate staffing for the anticipated spike in cases.



Remmert has pointed out the recent surge of cases is often in younger people and they are recovering quicker. Skowron indicates that is true and adds they are seeing the young people that need medical attention recovering and being discharged quicker due to their overall good health.



According to Skowron, they are testing around 40-50 individuals per day. He explains they have had to hire new staff to help handle the challenges of that many people and they may have to hire more if they need to start testing more.



Early last week, IDPH changed up the guidance for schools in what tests they could accept. According to Skowron, when that happened, there was a short-term drop in testing but they are back to their normal testing volume. 

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