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DeWitt County Community Cares System Support Advocate Update on Helping Seniors With Open Enrollment During COVID

Seniors in DeWitt County hoping to get an appointment with Diane Cusey for the Medicare Part D open enrollment period need to do so quickly.


Cusey is the County's Community Care Systems worker and indicates her schedule is booked out for almost the next month to help folks get enrolled in Medicare Part D or to update their plans. 



According to Cusey, at this time she is unable to meet with seniors in person, so everything is over the phone or by email. She adds this is also impacting her plans to visit Farmer City and Kenney this month.



If you want to make an appointment with Cusey, you need to call her and leave a message. She is becoming inundated with appointments but will return calls and indicates if you already have an appointment, plan on corresponding via email, or over the phone.



Cusey encourages seniors to call her direct number at the Friendship Center, which is 217-935-4560. She also points tech-savvy seniors to visit medicare.gov to take care of this process electronically on their own if they do not want to wait on an appointment time with her. 

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