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DeWitt and Piatt Counties Coronavirus Update

The DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department reported over 70 new cases this week between the two counties.


On Tuesday, DeWitt County reported 12 new cases with 9 in Clinton, and one case each in DeWitt, Waynesville, and Heyworth. Piatt County reported 10 cases with 3 cases in Monticello, 3 in Mansfield, and one in White Heath, Bement, Cerro Gordo, and Cisco.


On Wednesday, DeWitt County added 5 cases with 3 in Clinton, a case in Weldon, and a case in Farmer City. Piatt County had 20 cases with 9 in Monticello, 4 in Cerro Gordo, 3 in Atwood, 2 in Mansfield, and cases in Bement and White Heath.


Thursday, DeWitt County reported 16 cases with 12 in Clinton, 2 in Kenney, and 2 in Farmer City. Piatt County also had 16 cases with 6 in Monticello, 5 in Cerro Gordo, 2 in Bement, and one each in Atwood, Cisco, and Mansfield.


With these additional cases, DeWitt County has had a total of 431 cases; Piatt County has had a total of 365 cases.


There have been 2 additional fatalities reported in recent days, a DeWitt County female in her 90s, and a Piatt County male in his 80s.  This brings total fatalities to 7 in DeWitt County and 4 in Piatt County.

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