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Deland-Weldon Schools Plugging Along During COVID With Minimal Interruptions

The COVID pandemic has in some, way, shape and form impacted every school district in the state.


Whether districts have started remote and transitioned to in-person learning or had to temporarily take their learning to a remote format, it seems every district has been impacted one way or another. All that is except Deland-Weldon schools. Superintendent Amanda Geary knocking on every wood surface she can find says things have been going well for them.



While many feared an outbreak in the student body or community COVID numbers rising being detrimental to the school year, Geary says for her and most of her peers, finding substitute teachers in the event they need two-week replacements was their biggest fear of returning to school.



Geary credits teachers, students, and maintenance workers for following all the guidelines they have in place. When in school, they are doing everything they can to limit exposure through a lot of different practices when kids are in the building.



Deland-Weldon students who were participating in remote learning for the first quarter had the option of returning to in-person learning at the start of the second quarter, roughly three weeks ago. Geary indicates they will offer that again before students return for the second semester after Christmas break. 

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