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Warner Hospital CEO: Wear Your Safety Equipment

Instead of 'wear your mask' a local healthcare leader is saying 'wear your safety equipment'.


CEO of Warner Hospital Paul Skowron indicates because the messaging of 'wear your mask' is becoming tiresome to many, he is hoping the messaging of 'wear your safety equipment' will better resonate with the public.



As positive cases of coronavirus continue to spike across the state, Skowron is focused on making sure he has as much staff healthy and available along with making sure they can handle any infusion of COVID patients. He indicates they need to make sure they are doing everything they can because surrounding healthcare facilities are seeing an increase in hospitalized individuals.



While a stay-at-home order could come from the Governor's office if the situation in Illinois does not improve, he indicates it still appears as though local districts will continue to make their own decisions about if they go to a remote-learning setting or remain in-person.

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