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Case counting is becoming everyday practice for an illness with a 99-plus percent survival rate but what about case counting for women and children who were battered and marred both emotionally and physically for weeks and months during the coronavirus shutdowns?


Jennifer Tolladay with DeWitt County DOVE tells Regional Radio News it was no surprise when the government issued stay-at-home orders, the calls to their domestic abuse hotline dropped off dramatically and individuals seeking shelter fell off as well.



Tolladay heard from victims the shutdowns gave their abusers the chance to escalate the abuse to new levels and in a lot of circumstances, the abuse turning physical was unexpected and out of nowhere.



Shelters in many places were also forced to close down due to the proximity of victims seeking refuge. Tolladay indicates their Decatur shelter was a highly sought after place because they remained open safely.




Tolladay implores anyone who is now able to get out of their home where abuse might be taking place to reach out to DOVE for any assistance they can provide. You can reach the DOVE office in Clinton at 217-935-6619 or you contact their 24/7 hotline is 217-935-6072. 

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