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Parts of Central Illinois Seeing Severe Drought

There are parts of central Illinois under severe drought and it is going to take a considerable amount of moisture to break out of it.


That's the message from National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Miller, who indicates a stretch of Lincoln to Clinton, Decatur to Taylorville, and areas stretching to Indiana are in a severe drought as we get closer to winter.



According to Miller, hoping the drought will break in the winter months is unlikely. He explains snow does not keep its moisture very well. He notes around 13 inches of snow is the equivalent of one inch of rainfall.



So what would it take to break out of this drought? Miller indicates some extraordinary circumstances would have to develop. From a warm stretch from the end of November and through December on top of each month receiving as much moisture as a typical winter in total.



Miller notes while we could start the spring in a moderate drought, that could quickly change in the spring. It is not uncommon for springtime weather to be extremely wet, however, that will bring its own set of challenges, specifically those for farmers and the planting season. 

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