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DeWitt County DOVE Discusses Challenges Faced During Lockdowns

As Illinoisans face softer stay-at-home orders for a second time during the coronavirus pandemic, the first round of shutdowns created several challenges for people close to a victim of domestic violence.


Jennifer Tolladay at DeWitt County DOVE tells Regional Radio News she received outreach from loved ones concerned about a person in a possible abusive situation and she was particularly concerned about children. She indicates she received many phone calls from loved ones of a person suspected to be in an abusive situation.



Tolladay says while abusers and victims are often careful not to bring children into the situation, she says it is inevitable kids will be aware of what is happening. She says kids are way more observant than we give them credit for.



Tolladay reminds that victims leaving is not as easy as getting up and walking out the door. She indicates several factors often hold them back like financial resources or having children involved.



Tolladay implores anyone who is now able to get out of their home where abuse might be taking place to reach out to DOVE for any assistance they can provide. You can reach the DOVE office in Clinton at 217-935-6619 or you contact their 24/7 hotline is 217-935-6072. 

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