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DeWitt County Adds 31 New Cases COVID Cases Since Sunday, Piatt County Adds 27

DeWitt County has added 31 news cases of COVID since Sunday while in Piatt County their case count is up 27.


The DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department released new data late Wednesday, indicating with these additional cases, DeWitt Co has had a total of 689 cases; Piatt Co has had a total of 842 cases.  

They estimate there are currently 240 active cases, 101 in DeWitt County and 139 in Piatt County.


However, the term "active" is a misnomer and represents only those who have received a confirmed positive test.  Many more cases may exist in the population who have not tested for the disease, both symptomatic and asymptomatic.


An additional death was reported over the weekend, a DeWitt Co resident in her 70s.  There has been 15 deaths total in DeWitt Co due to COVID-19, 5 deaths total in Piatt Co.


The health department reminds cases are spiking locally, statewide, and nationwide and continue to ask the public to refrain from attending events/parties/gatherings and to not host such gatherings. 


 Wash your hands frequently, Watch your distance (6 feet or more), and Wear a mask when in public. Additionally - protect the vulnerable population and get tested even when asymptomatic.

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