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Clinton Authorities Remain Concerned Over Domestic Violence, Abuse Towards Children

With 'tier 3' mitigations in place and kids back to school for nearly a semester, local authorities are indicating they remain concerned about any situations involving domestic violence and child neglect.


On the WHOW Morning Show Wednesday, Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers indicates they are not seeing any additional or unusually high number of issues surrounding domestic violence or child abuse however, he remains concerned these things are going on and are not public due to continued mitigation efforts surrounding COVID.



If you know someone who may be in a situation where there is abuse taking place, the Chief is imploring you to reach out to that person. He says in a highly stressful season, it is the stress many experience that will lead to violence.



Specifically addressing children, Chief Lowers is especially concerned about the nutrition of our community's youth. He points out without the regularity of the school meals, many kids may not be getting the nutrition they need right now.



Local domestic violence workers in DeWitt County have indicated they saw a tremendous spike in abuse cases when stay at home orders eased in the early summer. 

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