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DeWitt County Sheriff Discusses Dangerous Intersections on Highway 51 in Clinton

Last week, an ugly accident at the intersection of Route 10 and Highway 51 was fortunate to see all parties walk away from the scene unharmed, however, the DeWitt County Sheriff is reminding local motorists that intersection, along with a few others can be very dangerous.


Sheriff Mike Walker on the WHOW Morning Show Tuesday told Regional Radio News the accident that occurred last week looked much worse than it ended up being, especially for the individuals involved.



According to the Sheriff, all the intersections at Highway 51 create their own challenges and he implores drivers from all areas of Illinois to proceed out of those traffic lights with caution and make sure you are aware of your surroundings.



Being in a rural area with constant traffic movement, especially grain haulers, the Sheriff says those intersections are not the only dangerous places. He points out the deadly truck accident from October that claimed the life of a Weldon man.



The Sheriff also reminds motorists this the time of the year for increased deer activity. If you're driving through rural areas, the Sheriff implores motorists to be on the lookout on the side of the roads for any deer move and drive in anticipation of seeing a deer running out in front of you. 

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