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DeWitt County Sheriff Voices Concerns Over Pretrial Fairness Act

Illinois lawmakers are looking to end cash bail and the DeWitt County Sheriff says this will have then just financial consequences.


DeWitt County Sheriff Mike Walker indicates the legislature reformed the bail system several years ago to where can earn credit towards their bond by spending time in jail. Walker says this has led to a "revolving door" in some circumstances.



Sheriff Walker contends that eliminating cash bail would cause confusion and frustration amongst the general public and would continue to paint law enforcement in a negative light.



Sheriff Walker understands the lawmaker's perspective that the current bail system inadvertently affects those that are financially burdened. He says the logic behind it doesn't quite make sense in other situations.



Sheriff Walker says one piece of legislation he supports is the elimination of a law enforcement officer's right to representation during certain parts of a disciplinary procedure. He says the unions are strong and sometimes are enabled bad cops to remain on the job.



Sheriff Walker feels law enforcement should be brought to the table and work with the legislature on criminal justice reform.

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