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St. Louis District Dairy Council Discusses Creating Healthier Habits in 2021

2020 was a very unique year and the physical health of a lot of people deteriorated during that time.


Boston-based Gelesis found at least 71-million Americans gained weight during the coronavirus pandemic and over 50-percent of people surveyed say they feel depressed by how they look. Monica Nyman with the St. Louis District Dairy Council says it's not surprising many lived out the 'quarantine 15' or 'COVID curves' this year.



Nyman says an evaluation of our habits is a good place to start in changing. She explains a food journal is a good way to keep track of some of the things we're doing that could be changed. At the same time, she encourages us to also make note of the good things we're doing. 



According to Nyman, evaluating our eating patterns should include making sure all the food groups are represented in our meals. She points out fruit and vegetables along with dairy should be part of our meals and we need to limit those empty carbs.



If eating healthier and embarking on a more active lifestyle sounds daunting or overwhelming, you are not alone in those feelings. Later this week on Regional Radio News, we'll hear more from Nyman on steps to take to begin that journey that will slowly integrate better eating more activity into our daily routines. 

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