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Social Security is highlighting to the public some changes regarding the hearings process during COVID.


Hearings were temporarily closed in March of last year due to the COVID pandemic and recently the agency announced how they would be proceeding forward with those hearings. Jack Myers with Social Security indicates they are now offering telephone or online video hearings.



According to Myers, neither hearing option is mandatory and any hearing can be postponed until in-person hearings are available again. He says other than the interaction going virtual, there is no difference in the hearings.



If you wish to take advantage of the hearing, access to the internet, a device with a camera and speaker is required. Myers notes, if you've declined a telephone hearing in the past, Social Security will likely be reaching back to you about taking advantage of the new video option.



Get more information about the video hearing option at www.ssa.gov/appeals/hearing_options.html . 

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