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Earlier this week, Monica Nyman at the St. Louis District Dairy Council offered us some preliminary things to begin changing our habits in hopes of a healthier 2021.


Weight gain among Americans was very prominent during the COVID pandemic as Americans were home more than ever before for many. Nyman tells us getting regular exercise and limiting high-calorie foods will go a long way in establishing a healthy lifestyle in 2021.



Eating in moderation is among Nyman's high-points to healthy living. She explains in today's society, overindulgence is a problem that carries into our health. One way to combat this challenge is to meal plan. 



If your diet is basic and not in need of major overhauls, Nyman says to focus on those nutrient-rich foods and not to forget dairy in your diet. She points out dairy pairs well with the other four food groups.



If overhauling your diet applies to you, Nyman encourages starting with small changes. She encourages setting goals that are small and measurable and building on those once you have mastered them.



A wealth of healthy tips, recipes, and dairy information is available at stldairycouncil.org. You can follow the Dairy Council on Facebook and Instagram. You can also reach out via email to info@stldairycouncil.org. 

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