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The Vault Hoping To Develop Better Connections With Kids and Their Families in '21

With a new year upon us, a DeWitt County non-profit is aiming to have a bigger impact in 2021.


The Vault in Clinton is a youth-focused organization that seeks to have a positive impact on the lives of the youth of our community. Executive Director Tammy Wilson on the WHOW Morning Show Thursday told Regional Radio News their goal is to better connect with the kids and their families this year.



According to Wilson, helping their students has recently led them to network with organizations like First Christian Church in Clinton and the Neighborhood Care  Center.



While The Vault is very good at getting kids to their building and offering them programs and support, Wilson hopes to get connected at a deeper level.



Wilson indicates they continue to see their kids struggling through this pandemic and the ups-and-downs of the school year. While you would think the kids with good grades and a good support system at home are doing well, she says that isn't always the case.



Wilson says kids are struggling because they don't get to see their friends as often as they would normally. She is excited about some new programs they are working on to support the youth during this time.

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