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DeWitt County Sheriff Pens Letter to Community Regarding Lameduck Legislative Measures

In light of the expansive law enforcement and criminal justice reform bill passed in Springfield this week, a local law enforcement official is reaching out to the community regarding this action described as an increase in the financial burden of the local taxpayer.


DeWitt County Sheriff Mike Walker in his letter assures citizens they will continue to provide the quality and professional service they have always strived to provide.


The bill was modified at the last minute, going from a 600-some page document to over 750 pages, and was voted on just hours later. Additionally, law enforcement had no input on the proposal, despite efforts from the Illinois Sheriff's Association and other law enforcement groups working with the Attorney General in a good faith effort to reform law enforcement in Illinois.


Sheriff Walker says sponsors of the bill were unable to answer questions regarding discrepancies and contradictions 


It is the Sheriff's opinion, as well as the opinion of many law enforcement officials’ across the state that this bill will make communities less safe and the unfunded mandates that are included in this legislation will also increase the financial burden of our local taxpayers. 


The Sheriff's message can be read here in its entirety.

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