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Clinton Y Director Hoping to Further Resources for Community's Healthy, Wellness in '21

Overall good health and wellness is the goal for the Clinton YMCA's Executive Director in 2021.


Rennie Cluver leads the Clinton non-profit and believes they have almost everything someone could need that is looking to exercise and be healthy. From their well-equipped wellness center, fitness classes for those of all ages and fitness levels to their gym and swimming - Cluver says they have the resources for the community. 



The Y has recently introduced a nutrition program and Cluver says it is his goal to eventually bring on a personal trainer to work with their members on a plan specific to an individual member and their goals.



Cluver indicates there are all sorts of strategies that are effective when working out. He explains if you find it difficult to stick with one routine, that isn't necessarily a bad thing but whatever your routine is, he recommends sticking with it for at least two to three weeks, if not longer, to notice the results you want.



'Y Survivor', a workout program based on working out a certain number of hours each week and gradually increasing over the course several weeks into the spring, has seen a record number of participants this year. This development excites Cluver as they are seeing members that had fallen off returning and an emphasis on health and wellness in the community. 

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