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Children being exposed to emotional and physical abuse at an early age has impacts on the development of kids.


Advocates were concerned at the start of lockdowns that kept mothers and kids alone with their abusers for weeks, even months in some places. Jennifer Tolladay with DeWitt County DOVE says kids being exposed to abuse, both verbal and physical, has shown to impact their development.



The stress of witnessing abuse is impacting the development of the brains of youth. Tolladay says the constant stress of their situation quickly takes what is a normal situation and escalates to a self-defense mode.



According to Tolladay, the impacts on development don't end at just those social triggers but there is also an educational development. She explains what is often routine critiques from educators are perceived as attacks.



Many kids who come from an abusive situation are often labeled as 'problem children' because they do not have the impulse control to contain their emotions. Tolladay credits teachers and the education system locally for their awareness on the matter and ability to properly respond to these children.



While the data shows kids suffer a great deal from the abuse that takes place when they are young, there is also encouraging data about how to help these folks even when they're older. We'll hear more from Tolladay on that in the days ahead on Regional Radio News. 

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