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Temperatures this week are anticipated to increase, good news for midwesterners tired of the deep freeze that has encapsulated February.


It's also a bit of a win-lose situation according to Chris Miller with the National Weather Service in Lincoln who notes the melting snow could result in widespread flooding. However, it could also be good for soil moistures that are struggling through a drought stemming back to last year.



With tiling becoming popular among farmers seeking to allow for moisture run-off, Miller indicates this accelerates flooding of streams and rivers.



Miller also points out, rain could be on the way as we turn the calendar to March, which means meteorologists will be closely watching for flash flooding possibilities.



Miller says temperatures will start to normalize. They will also be looking out for what they term, an 'ice jam'. In bigger creeks or rivers, chunks of ice do not break up as they should and as they move, they get jammed and all the water behind it piles up. 

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