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After the pandemic suspended Monticello's Business Bootcamp program, city officials indicate it is coming back.


Callie McFarland is the Director of Community Development for Monticello and points out she has seen a lot of interest in people wanting to start businesses. To that end, the City plans to restart the program that gives potential entrepreneurs the tools to start and sustain a successful business.



The program brings in local experts and leaders of all types to help guide these prospective business owners and McFarland says because so much time is dedicated by both the presenters and the attendees, they want to make sure there is quality in the time spent.



According to McFarland, not every person that goes through the class is going to come out of it ready to start a business - and she says that is OK. She would rather someone realize an area of their business plan that needs improving than start a business without all the tools to run a successful business.



McFarland indicates their program is open to anyone in any community. Classes begin April 15 and you can get more information or get signed up by visiting monticellobootcamp.com. 

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