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A reopening budget is how the CEO of Clinton's Warner Hospital describes the upcoming budget year approved Tuesday night by the hospital board.


CEO Paul Skowron on the WHOW Morning Show Thursday called it the most unusual budgeting year they have ever experienced. With the hospital coming out of the lockdowns of 2020 and looking to bring the community back for preventative healthcare, predicting revenues and expenditures was difficult.



Hospital officials went back five years to project this year's budget. Skowron indicates because it is such an unusual circumstance, they are focusing on getting their patients back for preventative healthcare appointments.



According to Skowron, the administration's focus for capital expenditures was to not take on more than they could handle. He felt in years past they may have tried to do too much.



In the fiscal year 2022 budget, Skowron says they are planning to purchase a CT scanner. The current machine is beginning to become costly and so they feel it would be prudent to simply get a new machine.



Skowron also notes, they are still planning for their lab remodel and some cosmetic upgrades to their staff rooms in addition to some concrete work in front of the emergency room.



Cardiac rehab has been shut down since last year but will be reopening soon and that will be the last service that was shut down to return. Skowron encourages anyone who has put off appointments to think about getting back for those check-ups.

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