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As cases of COVID escalate statewide in recent weeks, a local public health professional is outlining what we're seeing locally.


DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department Director Dave Remmert indicates while case totals continue to climb, the death toll is dropping. He attributes that to the fact more people are vaccinated and the vaccine is going to keep the worst outcomes from happening.



Remmert indicates his office is continuing to promote getting vaccinated. He believes all the vaccines available are well-studied and safe and also help in the fight against the variants that are beginning to pop up in Illinois. 



Yesterday, a vaccine clinic was hosted in Farmer City and today a clinic is being held in DeWitt County. Get more information by visiting dewittpiatthealth.com. 


Sunday, the Health Department released the following local data:


04/05/2021 Monday


DeWitt: 1 new case in Farmer City.

Piatt: No cases reported.


4/06/2021 Tuesday


DeWitt: 1 new case in Clinton. 1 new case in Wapella. 1 new case in Farmer City.

Piatt: 1 new case in Monticello.


04/07/2021 Wednesday


DeWitt: 4 new cases in Wapella. 2 new cases in Farmer City. 3 new case in Clinton.

Piatt: 2 new case in Mansfield. 1 new case in Cerro Gordo.


4/08/2021 Thursday


DeWitt: 6 new cases in Clinton.

Piatt: 2 new cases in Mansfield.


With these additional cases, DeWitt Co has had a total of 1403 cases; Piatt Co has had a total of 1456 cases. Over the past week, DeWitt Co has had 24 cases, Piatt Co has had 9 cases. There have now been a total of 23 deaths in DeWitt Co and 14 deaths in Piatt Co due to COVID-19. 

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