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The DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department in conjunction with the Illinois National Guard hosted a Sunday vaccine clinic in Farmer City then another Monday in Clinton.


Health Department Director David Remmert says those two clinics were a huge success. He says over 500 people locally were vaccinated and believes before the Tuesday announcement to pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, that was the appeal of the clinics.



Illinois is following guidance from the CDC and FDA to pause using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and Remmert believes that is a good decision. He points out while the impacts of the vaccine are very minimally felt, he hopes a resolution is reached soon.



Leading up to the vaccine clinics in DeWitt County, the State of Illinois had targeted DeWitt County for its low vaccine totals among the most vulnerable populations, specifically seniors. Remmert outlines the data for inoculated individuals in his two-county area and also why seniors may not be getting vaccinated at rates in line with the rest of the state.



As the daily case counts of COVID increase in Illinois, Remmert points out it is not happening that way in every part of the State. He also emphasizes deaths are beginning to decline and attributes that to the total number of vaccinated people and it preventing the worst outcomes. 

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