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Fireworks are returning to Clinton for the Fourth of July - legally organized fireworks that is.


The Celebrate Clinton Association recently announced its efforts to raise money for the annual display - paused last year due to COVID - are resuming this year. Edith Brady-Lunny on the WHOW Morning Show Wednesday told Regional Radio News, as usual, there will be the tin cans scattered around area businesses to collect spare change and loose dollar bills. 



The Celebrate Clinton Association has become known for its Fourth of July celebrations on the downtown square in recent years but Brady-Lunny points out they hope to return to those types of events post-COVID. She stresses the importance of fundraising if the community likes those events.



If you're interested in contributing to the fireworks display for this year, Brady-Lunny encourages you to contact the Celebrating Clinton Association through its Facebook page or you can mail donations to PO Box 436 in Clinton. And again, the tin cans for change collections will be out at various locations throughout the community this spring and summer. 


Again, the fireworks display is set for Monday night, July 5. 

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