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For the second year in a row, Clinton High School will not have a prom.


Clinton High School Principal Jerry Wayne told Regional Radio News Friday morning on the WHOW morning show, the decision to not hold prom was difficult and while he understands there are parents arranging something for the kids away from school, it boiled down to he did not feel like they could make prom a success under the mitigations in place.



According to Wayne, prom is the only spring event that is on the chopping block at this time. He explains they are moving forward with their annual 'Gold Star Banquet' in early May. He points out, the usual size of the event is going to be significantly reduced.



Wayne is hard at work to try to make graduation a reality right now. Like the 'Gold Star Banquet', he points out they simply will not be able to have the usual crowd they welcome into the high school gym.



It can be difficult to plan for any contingencies in the event graduation plans have to be altered due to COVID impacts but Wayne says he is always trying to come up with alternate ideas because graduation is such an important event to so many. 

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