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Vandalism discovered over the weekend at Kiwanis Park in Clinton led to a stir that city authorities hope will rally the community to help continue work started last year.


It was the late summer Kiwanis Park was under consideration of demolition before online activism led to the reversal of a decision to bring the park down. Over the weekend, Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers indicates vandalism that had been at the park for some time was discovered.



Local social media users posted and discussed the issue and while Chief Lowers understands the feelings and outrage of many, he hopes the community will not only see this as an opportunity to rally around a spot that has seen a lot of progress made in a short amount of time but also as a teachable moment for many.



Names were written in park equipment with profanity spray painted as well. Chief Lowers hopes the actions of just a few will not ruin something for the whole community. 

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