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Illinois mental health agencies could be receiving more funding soon under a bill being proposed in Springfield.


The measure has caught the attention and received the approval of Tony Kirkman who is the Piatt County Mental Health Center Executive Director. On the WHOW Morning Show Tuesday, Kirkman indicates the proposal to increase funding is among several pieces of legislation he has his eye on.



According to Kirkman, any visit for someone to the agency's psychiatrist is costing him money. He says with the immense need for mental health services, this bill is very much needed at this time.



Kirkman grows frustrated watching the data come in for legal marijuana in Illinois but the money from those tax dollars not being distributed to where they were promised to go.



Lawmakers are asking for the proverbial second chance to distribute those marijuana tax dollars but because of empty promises and a multitude of second chances granted over the years, Kirkman has his doubts expanding on the number of licenses for legal marijuana dispensaries will do little to change the situation.



Because social services in Illinois are so underfunded, they struggle to retain professionals. Kirkman says many psychiatrists start with them, get experience and move on to private practice or other positions with better pay and less responsibility.



Kirkman is encouraged by a bill in the Senate that will work to train individuals to go into mental health and then retain those workers. He points out this worked very well in Nebraska and helped increase the number of workers in the workforce in that field. He says this will have a trickle-down effect on so many aspects of our communities. 

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