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The all-day snowfall of Tuesday, April 20 is certainly out of the ordinary.


Chris Miller at the National Weather Service on the WHOW Morning Show points out while this isn't the latest accumulating snow we've seen, it is very out of the ordinary to see it this late. He also notes, if this weather system had moved through in January or February, it would have resulted in massive snow.



Now the question becomes - will this finally transition us to more consistent weather the rest of the spring? Miller says it is unlikely we'll see any more snow and maybe even freezes. But temperatures and moisture are going to continue to be up-and-down.



If you're worried about some of those garden plants in the ground, flower beds, or crops in the fields, Miller indicates the overnight colds and frosts will not impact soil temperatures that greatly. He indicates it may delay growth but seeds in the ground should be just fine. He encourages continuing to keep those covered as much as possible.



Miller says the daytime temperatures of Tuesday were the coldest of the month but was surprised to see they did not impact the average temperature for April that greatly.

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