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When you ask central Illinois school leaders about standardized testing, the reactions will cover a range of emotional reactions from frustration to indignation, even some may be indifferent. But whether you ask Clinton Schools Superintendent Curt Nettles about the St. Louis Cardinals starting pitching or standardized testing, the reaction to either will be the same - level-headed. 


On the WHOW Morning Show Wednesday, the veteran school leader, while disappointed standardized testing was mandated on schools in 2021, was quick to point out this was not something that came from the State - contrary to public opinion.



Part of the frustration among school leaders is the fact time dedicated to testing this year could be better used to continue to utilize the limited classroom time in place already, in addition to the fact an entire quarter was lost in 2020. Nettles points out the data is likely to show a regression thanks to COVID.



Educators are hoping the spotlight on standardized testing will lead to reforms. Nettles believes there are practical standardized tests that could be administered and effectively used if given to local control. 

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