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As more people are getting vaccinated in Illinois, a DeWitt County non-profit is seeing an increased demand for its services.


Encore Developmental Services Executive Director Stephanie Coonce indicates they are back to full capacity and feels fortunate that from the start of the pandemic until now, their clients have all been spared from COVID.



As more of their clients receive the vaccine, Coonce indicates they are seeing very minimal impacts from the usual reactions many who have been vaccinated have experienced.



According to Coonce, having the vaccine widely available has allowed a lot of their clients to breathe a sigh of relief. She indicates they have seen a lot of skill loss over the past year with their clients.



Coonce notes Encore's 'Garden Showcase' program is starting to get back to its spring work. She adds there is a lot of interest from their clients to start returning to doing things like make a trip to the store or the local restaurant though she is increasingly optimistic that will start happening soon. 

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