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Rep. Caulkins Reacts to Census Results

Results are in and the State of Illinois has experienced a population decline and will lose a Congressional seat.


State Representative Dan Caulkins indicates downstate Illinois is the victim of the population decline. He has a couple of theories about why people are leaving Illinois.



The drop in population is likely going to reduce districts in downstate Illinois by around 1500-2000 people. That's Caulkins' prediction who points out Illinois Democrats are using, quote - "sketchy data" to redraw maps in a partisan way, something Gov. Pritzker campaigned he would not do.



According to Rep. Caulkins, redistricting is going to greatly hurt minority communities. He explains census data has been admitted by the Government to underrepresent those communities.



Rep. Caulkins points to Iowa as a state to follow when it comes to map drawing. He explains they do an independent drawing of maps.


Additionally, Rep. Caulkins says Illinois Democrats are going to run into a problem because the breakdown of populations is not released until late summer but the maps have to be approved by June 1. 

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