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Local Groups Hoping Sense of Volunteerism Isn't Dying

It's a theme for many civic groups in small communities across the country - volunteers are needed and more specifically, younger volunteers.


Edith Brady-Lunny volunteers with several civic groups in DeWitt County and says the ones she works with are always in need of volunteers. She believes thriving civic groups have a good base of volunteers.



With so many individuals stretched thin across so many groups, Brady-Lunny believes we're doing things locally to instill a sense of volunteerism but encourages more, and involving kids in those efforts. 



The busy lives we all lead have led to the decline in the availability of community members to participate in helping out civic groups that do so much for our towns. That's what Brady-Lunny attributes part of it to and finds it interesting to look back and see how much pride there was in individual communities.



Many people point to the time commitment of being a volunteer for a group or organization. Brady-Lunny says oftentimes, involvement is as much or as little as you're willing to give but any time you can provide to your community is always appreciated.



With so many activities having fallen victim to COVID in the past year and those things missing from our calendars, Brady-Lunny hopes people will take it upon themselves to be a part of bringing them back. 

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