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DNR Is Hiring

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources will be hiring 25 new conservation officers.


DNR Deputy Director Rachel Torbert on the WHOW Morning Show Wednesday told Regional Radio News indicates anyone interested in applying has until the end of the month.



Captain John Williamson believes DNR CPOs are the best in the country and doesn't mind telling anyone and everyone that.



DNR officers generally start in northern Illinois in the Chicago-land area and the collar counties. While that may not sound all that enticing or appealing, Capt. Williamson knows several officers in his class that ended up staying in that part of the state after an initial desire to transfer out when the opportunity came.



Capt. Williamson calls DNR officers the "Swiss army knife of law enforcement." He explains not only can DNR officials do very unique things both on land and water but they have full authority like a standard uniformed municipal officer.



Visit Central Management Services where all available State of Illinois job postings are at. She also directs interested applicants to dnr.illinois.gov. 

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