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Friday is Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Friday, May 7 is Children's Mental Health Awareness Day.


If you're a parent or guardian of a Clinton Schools child, you may notice Clinton School staffers in green on Friday when you drop off or pick up your young ones. On the WHOW Morning Show Thursday, Jessica Smiley with Heritage Behavioral Health Services told Regional Radio News she is thankful to have the backing of the district in this effort.



When it comes to children and mental illness, Smiley points out one in five children battle mental health issues and says a mental health challenge only means a child has to navigate the world differently and it by no means is conclusively a long-term issue.



What mental illness looks like in a child can vary but Smiley encourages keeping an eye on your child acting differently for long periods of time. She says oftentimes childrens' behaviors will change when they may be going through something.



According to Smiley, having a consistent routine for kids is one of the biggest things parents can do to maintain the mental and emotional wellness of children. Additionally, she encourages parents to always monitor a child's behavior and keep a consistent line of communication.



May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Smiley indicates there is a lot going on within Heritage to promote the month. You can visit heritagenet.org or find them on Facebook to get the latest on the happenings they have going on.

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