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Monticello Renewing Focus on Developing 30 Acres for Recreation

The City of Monticello is renewing its focus on a 30-acre parcel of land that they hope will be a hub for recreation.


Director of Development for Monticello, Callie McFarland indicates it's been 10 years since this dream has been something they are working on and recently the City has renewed its efforts.



According to McFarland, the group charged with renewing this plan will need to consider the fact the City of Monticello has very limited facilities when it comes to sports and recreation.



While the city needs football, baseball, and soccer fields, McFarland stresses there are so many other ways to recreate and believes this group is going to consider those other things as well. She points out the group is going to have to get very creative in how they will fund this project and indicates it may have to start small and grow from there. 

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