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Car Dealers Dealing With Vehicle Shortages

If you drive by the lot of your local car dealer, you'll likely notice a lot of empty space. 


Car dealers across the country are dealing with a shortage of both new and used inventory to sell. Scott Baum, owner of Baum Chevrolet Buick in Clinton was on the RFD Radio Network last week and says the lack of new car inventory has increased the demand for used cars.



According to Baum, dealers are resupplied vehicles based on what is selling and what their inventory is. But because manufacturing shut down, the inventory available is too small to restock everyone's lots.



Additionally, making matters worse is a computer chip shortage. Baum explains vehicles use microchips, in the range of hundreds per vehicle. So as manufacturers try to catch up, they also face a shortage of necessary microchips to make cars.



Baum says he's never seen an issue like this one before but like most business owners, he and his staff are dealing with what they have the best they can and continue their focus on their customers. 

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