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Clinton Police Seeking To Utilize Local Security Cameras Through New Database

Thanks to a robust new database through DeWitt County CENCOM, local authorities are seeking Clinton and DeWitt County residents who would be willing to voluntarily register their security systems.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers on the WHOW Morning Show emphasized to Regional Radio News this is not allowing the police department unencumbered access to your system but rather a tool to enhance crime-fighting in the community.



According to Chief Lowers, new software at DeWitt County CENCOM would allow officers conducting an investigation the ability to see where a home security system may be set up. With these systems become very prominent with homeowners, the Chief says these can be great crime-fighting resources. 



Chief Lowers points out a criminal investigation of a juvenile car theft case in recent weeks was aided by the ability of law enforcement's ability to utilize home security systems.



Nearly 100 residents have registered their home security cameras to law enforcement. Chief Lowers indicates it's as simple as providing your name, address, and a contact line and in the event your camera is needed, authorities will reach out to you.



Chief Lowers indicates it has been an unusually busy spring this year for the police department. He continues to encourage locking those car doors and removing all valuables. 

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