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DeWitt County Museum Unveils Rebrand

For the last several months, if you've tried to visit the DeWitt County Museum website on the world wide web, you've not been able to get through - until just recently.


The Museum and CH Moore Homestead Board have been undergoing a rebranding effort. Director Joey Long indicates they rolled out their new website with a refreshed look earlier this month.



Long says their designer was on-point with what they wanted in their rebrand.



While it isn't tied to the Museum's rebrand effort, the Homestead has made some technological advances inside the museum. Long says if you come out, you'll notice 'QR-codes' on various artifacts.



When guests scan the 'QR-code' throughout the museum, guests will be directed to an audio file describing a room or artifact. Woolridge believes the audio clips offered will enhance the experience of touring the museum. 



Long believes the Museum's innovation into the technological arena will be something they can utilize well after COVID.


She hopes the public will also be sure to check out their rebranded website by visiting chmoorehomestead.org. 

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