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The Scovill Zoo recently sent a red panda to live at the Philadelphia Zoo. 


Ken Frye, Director of Scovill Zoo, indicated on the WHOW Morning Show Friday, zoos are working together to maintain the species' survival. The red panda was an offspring and it was sent to live with other red pandas so it could breed once it reached that age.



Frye notes the red panda was sent by plane from St. Louis to Philadelphia. He details there is a lot of paperwork required to send animals on a flight depending on the airline.



Frye says it is common nowadays for zoos to send animals to each other to prevent extinction. He notes zoos have evolved from being an animal showcase to maintaining populations so they can be reintroduced.



Frye prefers to transport animals by driving if it is reasonable. He says the least amount of time spent traveling is best for the animal.

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