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It wasn't even an hour after talking with Connie Unruh from DeWitt County TRIAD about the growing text scams on Friday afternoon that this broadcaster received a text "requiring your to validate your driver license" for an IDOT waiver.


Perhaps you've received messages like these as well or others from the Secretary of State's office. Unruh says anything unsolicited from a state agency is obviously not legitimate. She says do not click on these links because they are filled with malware that will allow unfiltered access to any information your phone may have. 



As fraudulent unemployment claims continue to be a problem, Unruh says imposters are using text messages to capitalize on the attempts of other swindlers. She notes if the Department of Employment Security is going to reach out to you, it is likely going to be through the mail.



Unruh notes people are starting to receive alerts from scammers who are posing as security from their bank. She implores not answering those and if you think a fraudulent charge has been used on your debit or credit card to call the institution. 


The DeWitt County Sheriff's Office has a fraud hotline that allows you to talk to a local deputy who can help you navigate potential fraud. You can call 217-935-7867.

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