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The Clinton Police Department offers a program that gives local residents struggling with drug addiction the ability to turn over those substances and corresponding paraphernalia without criminal charges. 


The department has reported only two individuals who had taken advantage of the offer until recently and Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says they have met that number. He says it has given him a lot of hope that the program can be effective.



According to Chief Lowers, those who struggle with addiction struggle to trust authorities but the Chief hopes anyone ready and willing will step up and seek out the help they can get. He says it is a very short window to help folks find the help they need. 



Chief Lowers indicates when an individual has the backing of law enforcement or the judicial system, sometimes that can expedite the process of getting an individual into treatment.



Chief Lowers points out the Police Department does not get that individual connected to treatment but rather they partner with the DeWitt County Substance Abuse Coalition and its many networks.


He also points out, if an individual is not able to come to the police station, they will come to you and get that process started. You can contact the Department's non-emergency line for more information at 217-935-9441. 

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